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Nasgovitz Notes Video Series

Chairman, CIO, and Portfolio Manager Bill Nasgovitz and CEO and Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz address timely topics related to value investing, market trends, long-term investing, active management, and the Heartland Funds.

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Are We Due for a Long-Term Correction?

9/2014 - 3:09

CEO and Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz shares our longer-term perspective on the market, given that September historically is a more trying month for returns.

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Heartland Advisors Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz

Home is Where the Grown Kids Are

8/2014 - 3:30

There seems to be consensus in the idea that younger Americans will never leave their parents’ basements or rental apartments to become first-time homeowners. In situations like this, when the crowd is looking one way, sometimes looking in the opposite direction provides attractive long-term investment ideas.

Heartland Advisors Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz

2014 Comebacks: Michael Phelps, Monica Lewinsky … and Treasury Yields?

7/2014 - 3:19

What’s happening with the two-year Treasury yield may not be as interesting or sensational as other comebacks, but we think it may bode well for our portfolios. CEO and Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz explains.

Portfolio Manager Perspective

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The Value in Banks


Banks have not fully participated in market advances, but we believe they stand to benefit from growth in loan demand, rising short rates, or both. Portfolio Manager of the Value Fund and Value Plus Fund Bradford A. Evans, CFA, shares why we see opportunity for both earnings growth and multiple expansion.

Putting Macro Trends in Context: What do They Mean to a Bottom-Up Investor?


Select Value Fund Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz discusses how macroeconomic trends factor into the fundamental, bottom-up stock selection process used to manage our our multi-cap strategy.

Heartland Advisors Portfolio Manager Adam Peck

Small-Cap Valuations: Way Too High or Room to Run?


Small-company stocks have posted strong performance for many quarters. Does that mean they’ve run out of steam? We don’t believe so—and here are a few reasons why.

Market Update Letter to Shareholders

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‘There are no new eras -- excesses are never permanent.’


The quote above is the third of Bob Farrell’s 10 Market Rules to Remember. It is timely, as value investors struggle to keep up with what’s hot: momentum-driven sectors. The market has moved against small-cap stocks, resulting in increased opportunity to find attractively valued businesses.

Bullish on America and Long-Term Investing


U.S. businesses are generally stronger and more profitable today than before one of the most severe financial crises in our country's history. We expect continuing economic expansion.

Fund Performance Commentary

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Heartland Select Value Fund 3Q14 Portfolio Manager Commentary


The market shift away from perceived risk to larger stocks was especially costly to the Fund relative to its benchmark, yet we believe our small-cap holdings have greater upside opportunity given their moderate exposure to challenged international economies.

Heartland Value Plus Fund 3Q14 Portfolio Manager Commentary


Our Energy names took a step back this quarter after a very strong run in the first half of the year, yet year-to-date our selection effect remains positive. We continue to hold the long-term view that the value inherent in our names has not changed and will be recognized.

Heartland Value Fund 3Q14 Portfolio Manager Commentary


Year-to-date, the Fund is outpacing its benchmark by over 200 basis points, although it underperformed for the quarter. Our holdings in Energy, a sector broadly hurt by declining commodity prices, Financials, and Health Care dampened returns; stock selection within Industrials was a bright spot.

Heartland International Value Fund 3Q14 Portfolio Manager Commentary


The Fund outperformed its benchmark for the quarter and is also outpacing on a year-to-date basis. Holdings in Japan and emerging markets, two areas where we are overweight, have driven the outperformance.

Heartland in the News

Heartland portfolio managers and analysts frequently share their contrarian value investing knowledge and insights with the media. Team members have been interviewed by market news outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg, Barron's, Forbes, Kiplingers, and The Wall Street Journal.

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Heartland Advisors CEO Will Nasgovitz

Heartland CEO Will Nasgovitz Featured as NAPFA Magazine’s July Cover Story


From the origins of our 10 Principles of Value Investing, to our outlook for a variety of market sectors today, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors inquires about several topics in this in-depth Q&A with Will Nasgovitz.

Heartland Advisors CEO Will Nasgovitz

Heartland CEO Gives His Take on Small-Cap Valuations


It’s mostly the lower-quality, more speculative subset of small-caps that are making the whole category appear overvalued, says Will Nasgovitz.

Heartland Advisors Portfolio Manager Robert C. Sharpe

We’re Finding Value in Emerging Markets, Says International Fund Manager


Portfolio Manager Robert C. Sharpe describes how he applies the 10 Principles of Value Investing on an international scale during an interview with daily financial talk show host Chuck Jaffe. He also explains why we think the Heartland International Value Fund is attractively valued today.

Insight Briefs

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How to Leverage a Multi-Cap Strategy in a Style-Driven Asset Allocation


To enhance efficiency, the Select Value Fund provides exposure to multiple asset classes with a single portfolio.

How to Leverage a Multi-Cap Value Strategy in a Core/Satellite Portfolio


This popular investment structure can benefit from an allocation to the Select Value Fund.

How to Leverage a Multi-Cap Strategy in a Top-Down Portfolio Model


The Select Value Fund can help provide a buffer against the impact of market volatility.

How an Active Multi-Cap Value Strategy Can Enhance a Passive Portfolio


Adding an element of active management with the Select Value Fund can complement a diversified, index-based allocation.

Free Cash Flow Yield Tops 10-Year Treasury


Free cash flow can be an indicator of a company’s fundamental value and the potential for increased stock price. We believe stocks today are attractive because of this appreciation potential, as well as their high yield as compared to the 10-year Treasury.

White Papers

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An Investor's Opportunity to Cover the Bases


We challenge the assumption that allocation decisions should be constrained within narrow capitalization ranges.

The Role Dividends Can Play in International Equity Investing


Domestic equity investors have long understood the importance of dividends, but their value when investing globally is often overlooked. In this paper, we explore the return and risk profiles of small- and mid-cap international stocks based on their dividend yields.

Dividends: A Review of Historical Returns


We examine historical evidence to consider how the risk/return profiles of dividend paying stocks compare with those of non-dividend paying stocks over various holding periods, during down markets, and during recoveries. We share the findings and summarize some of the potential pitfalls associated with various dividend-focused investment strategies.


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Nasgovitz Notes Value Investing Video Series


Chairman, CIO, and Portfolio Manager Bill Nasgovitz and CEO and Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz address timely topics related to value investing, market trends, long-term investing, and the Heartland Funds.

Video Series: Portfolio Manager Perspectives


Portfolio Managers provide their perspective on a variety of topics.

Video Series: Heartland's 10 Principles of Value Investing


Investment Team members explain our investing process.

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